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What we do

providing safe water

TrueWater’s goal is to address key issues surrounding the need for clean drinking water with our simple, researched and patented method of ceramic technology applied for the manufacture of point-of-use water filters.

The methods we are expanding upon for creating ceramic water filters (Household Water Treatment Systems) have been in use around the world for several decades. Every step of the process focuses on using environmentally sustainable methods based on the skills and resources specific to any given community. In most cases, the necessary elements to establish workable fabrication facilities of ceramic water filters are available within or near the area.

Providing access to clean drinking water allows us to educate people on better sanitation practices and the importance of proper hygiene. We hope that the positive benefits and improvements this develops will create a healthier community environment and generate a permanent attitude of change that continues over time for an improved quality of life.

develop relationships

Each step of the process is focused on being functional and environmentally sustainable within any given community based on the skills and resources of the people in that community. In most cases the essential elements are available within the area or region. Community involvement is key and necessary to sustainability.

By educating and developing the people and resources within an area we hope to insure a sustainable model. We create a solution that can be supported by the people because we use local materials; it requires minimal servicing and therefore creates a more sustainable solution.

equipping people

The filter is made and distributed within their village, town or community. Because of our continued research, development, availability and involvement we provide continued support and improvement to the function and on-going development of the projects.

By providing clean safe water we draw attention to and educate people on the many benefits of proper hygiene behavior and sanitation practices. By focusing on these positive benefits and improvements as well as providing safe clean water we can create an environment and generate an attitude of change that will be accepted and continued over time for an improved quality of life.

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